Original SHARP LQ050Q5DR01 5.0 inch screen

LQ050Q5DR01 is a 5.0" diagonal a-Si TFT-LCD display panel product from Sharp Corporation (hereafter called SHARP), with an integral CCFL backlight system, without backlight driver, without touch screen. It features an operating temperature range of -30 ~ 85°C , a storage temperature range of -40 ~ 95°C .

Original SHARP LQ050Q5DR01
Model Name: LQ050Q5DR01
Screen Size:5.0 inch
Screen Type:LCM, a-Si TFT-LCD


Original SHARP LQ043T3DX02

LQ043T3DX02 is a 4.3-inch LCD module with a-Si TFT-LCD technology from Sharp Corporation (Sharp, SHARP). It is equipped with WLED backlight, no backlight drive, no touch. As an ASV, normally black display, transmissive LCD module, LQ043T3DX02 can provide 165 cd/m2 display brightness 400:1 transmission contrast, and 80/80/80/80 (Typ.) (CR ≥ 10) The viewing angle of (L/R/U/D), the best viewing angle is the full viewing angle, and its response time is 30/30 (Typ.) (Tr/Td) ms. Since each pixel uses an 8-bit grayscale signal, this product can display a 16.7M color. In terms of backlight, this product uses a 7S1P WLED-emitting side-entry light source that does not include a backlight driver. The LQ043T3DX02 uses a Parallel RGB (1 ch, 8-bit) signal interface for a total of 40 pins, with an FPC connection and a drive voltage of 2.5/5.0V (Typ.) (VCC/AVDD). Its typical vertical refresh rate Fv is 60Hz.

Original SHARP LQ043T3DX02
Model Name: LQ043T3DX02
Screen Size:4.3 inch 
Screen Type:LCM,   a-Si TFT-LCD

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